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Between Lives Soul Regression


Between Life Soul Regression is an expansion on a Past Life Soul Regression, where you are regressed into the spirit world after your death in a past life regression.  Once in the spirit world, you often will meet with your guide or guides and visit the many different areas of the spirit world where you can learn how you are doing in your current incarnation, how you have done in past incarnations, karmic patterns that have run through multiple incarnations for you and even what your soul purpose or agenda might be.  Each regression is vastly different and there are many experiences you may have in the spirit world.  BLSR's are a much deeper and more profound experience than PLSRs and as such, are able to shift your day to day perspective even more intently than you may have thought possible.  For example, you may learn that your soul itself has tasks and jobs in the spirit world that it does between incarnations that are reflected in your lives here on earth or that it travels to other worlds bringing knowledge to your life here today that is needed in this current time and place.  There are so many vast experiences one can have in a Between Life Soul Regression, that I could spend hours mentioning it here, however, I would prefer to simply invite you to experience it for yourself.  

We forget that the soul has it's own ancestors.

                                             - James Hillman

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