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About Me

My absolute favorite thing has always been to laugh and my highest priority, happiness.  I once asked a friend how to figure out what to do in life based on what I loved, and her advice was to find what heals me.  Hypnotherapy and all of the services I offer here, I have experienced personally, and still do today.  I am honored to be able to provide these services to you.

I have always questioned life, and death, and everything in between and outside of those parameters. I am completely fascinated by the hows and whys of everything we do and why we do what we do. I have explored my own inner territory countless times, pushing on my boundaries, forming new ones, pushing again, changing my life up, over and over again to dig deeper and deeper in, to find that which is me.  I grew up in a teeny tiny town of around 700 people and I have spent over 5 years of my life living in and among the 8 million people of New York City. I have been married and I have been divorced.  I have been deeply religious and far from it.  I have spent weeks in a hospital and have had to teach myself how to walk again. My life has been adventurous, to say the least and having an intensely self-introspective outlook, I have landed here, somewhere in the middle and seemingly average, with a twinkle in my eye and a whole lotta knowing about life and living it.

Sharon L Nelson

My Favorite Things

If you would like to learn more, the books below are some of my favorites and can give you a greater understanding of what I do and how it has benefited others.

Michael Newton

Journey of Souls

Destiny of Souls


Linda Backman

Bringing Your Soul to Light

The Evolving Soul


Michael Gabriel

Voices From the Womb


Echo L. Bodine

Echoes of the Soul

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