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Prenatal Regression


While in our mother's womb, we are very aware souls.  We are aware of our mother's thoughts and feelings, your fathers thoughts and feelings and sometimes even the emotions and situations surrounding your entire family.  Most prevalent are you mother's emotions and when they are strong enough, they influence our thoughts and emotions prior to being born. 


When we take on our mother's thoughts and emotions, we develop ideas and opinions about the life ahead of us.  We may decide that life is hard, that there is never enough money, or that we will not be taken care of.  These thoughts become buried deep into our subconscious mind and they will influence our view of the world without us realizing it.  We sometimes even declare intentions for the life ahead of us that we unconsciously act on, such as deciding that we are going to take our mother's side against our father because of the perception we had while in the womb.  This can create unnecessary conflicts between us and our family and us and others that, were we to think it through with our adult brain of today, we may find is no longer serving us and may only be getting in our way to a happier more fulfilled life.  Being able to return through regression into that time in our mother's womb is a powerful and revealing journey. 

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