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Guided Meditation

The ability to relax and allow our bodies to be at rest is essential to our health and well being. When we are at ease our muscles release and relax, allowing our blood to travel more easily throughout our system and decreasing the amount of effort it takes to pump it.  Our energy and all other vital fluids including oxygen also flow with ease when we are calm and relaxed.  And even our mental state is brought into a clear, calm and focused state of being. A guided meditation session gives you the opportunity to experience this deep state of calm and learn how to bring it into your everyday life at any time. 


In this session we spend a few moments addressing your biggest stressors, and also when or where you are at peace.  We then embark on a customized visual journey of relaxation where you will learn how to activate this state of relaxation and calm at any time.  You will learn how to interrupt your fight or flight patterns easily and effortlessly, allowing you to move through previously challenging events with ease and grace.  Any time you activate this state of relaxation you are also giving your body a chance to rest, regenerate and heal.


This technique is a powerfully effective tool that I have used in many situations, including my own knee surgery.  It is great for everything, from the day to day stresses of our work environments, to home and family stressors, to physical and mental stress such as surgical procedures, dental work and public speaking.


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