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"Sharon's guiding presence and calming space allowed me to drop fully into the work of the regression.  The regression allowed me to examine deeply embedded messages & themes that are at work in my everyday life.  I left feeling clear on what was most important for me to pursue next at this point in my lifetime."    - Dani L. H.


"Sharon is one of the most warm, loving and kind people I know, and a fantastic regression guide. She made me feel so comfortable and safe for my regression, even though I was a little nervous. And she was so patient and kindly persistent through my session to get me through my hesitation to a really incredible moment of connection with something deep and important for me right now. That probably sounds weird, and whatever, it's hard to describe without telling you my whole life (and previous lives!). But since my regression with Sharon, I've felt somehow a little bit lighter, in the coolest way. I want to do it again!! If you've ever been curious about past life regression, call this woman!!"  - J. 

"I was skeptical about regressions when I had one done with Sharon.  My doubt was a difficult thing to shake as I was guided into looking back, but I was able to make out impressions of that life and report them. Even though I am still not sure I believe in reincarnation, the lessons observed from my past life give remarkable insight into why I am the way I am and shifted my perspective on the temporal span of human life."  

- Terry

"Sharon Nelson is not only one of my favorite people and bestest of friends, she is an amazing hypnotherapist and has unique skills and offerings that truly can transform your life- I know from first hand experience. I have done hypnosis, past life regression, and between lives regression with her, and let me tell you- especially the between lives regression- really gets down to the nitty gritty of who you are, where you are going, what you need, and what you have to give in this life. It is transformational. I highly recommend checking her out and booking a session with her if you are seeking clarification in your life, or are feeling stuck, or are truly seeking active healing. Seriously- she is the bomb. No bullshit, no need for bells and whistles, cut through it and see for yourself. Even if you don't believe in past lives- the insight you will gain from working with her surpasses the need to believe, and what you get out of it is still extremely beneficial- no matter what your beliefs are."  -Elle Jae 

"I found the BLSR session with Sharon Nelson to be an amazing experience. I received answers to life long questions, I gained an understanding of my life up until now, and I gained clarity regarding my life's purpose and mission. I am now happy to be here and I look forward to utilizing all the knowledge I've learned and fulfilling my mission here on the planet Earth. Thank You Sharon, David Wilson"


"I went into my session with no expectations, and doubted that I would actually be able to let myself "go there" in my first experience with past life regression.  I was sure my doubtful mind would silence every part of the journey, but Sharon was able to create a meditative space where I felt comfortable enough to enter a conscious but dreamlike space, and stayed with me while I needed to look a little closer at something in silence.  Her gentle demeanor and astute guidance led me to have a greater curiosity for my past lives, and a greater understanding how those lives might influence the experience of my present one. "    - Tracey  K. 

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