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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I experiencing something frightening?

Your own soul is guiding you through this experience and will not show you horrendous things you are not prepared to deal with. You also are free at any time to choose not to see what is being shown you or to skip forward to a different scene within that same past life.  I guide you with suggestions and questions, but you are always in control of what you are experiencing.​  All hypnosis is truly self hypnosis. I am simply here to guide you so that you may relax into the process more fully.

I've never been hypnotized before.  What will it be like?

Hypnosis is very similar to guided meditation and often uses the same types of body relaxation imagery that some guided meditaions do.  Depending on what we are doing, I will guide you through a variety of visual landscapess, body relaxation exercises and memory practices that will put you into a light trance, the theta brain wave state, or a deeper trance, the delta brainwave state.  Healing occurs at the delta brain wave state making hypnosis a great way to relax and give you body an extra hand at healing itself. 

I'm not sure I can be hypnotized.

If you are able to relax and imagine yourself walking down a staircase with my guidance, or following a path through a forest, or even walking along a beach, you are fully capable of being hypnotized.  It comes as easily and naturally and is a natural brain state that we pass through everytime we fall asleep.

What if I don't believe in past lives or reincarnation

It is not necessary to believe in reincarnation or past lives to receive beneficial information from a PLSR or a BLSR.  It is helpful to be open and curious to what may come in order for you to allow yourself to experience the regression.  For those clients of mine who don't believe in past lives, they see this as stories that highlight for them the way they perceive the world around them.  Regression work enables us to change our vantage point, to look at ourselves as if from above and to have an outsiders perspective on our actions and our choices. 

How can a PLSR help me?


The range of ways a PLSR can help you is vast and varied.  Some people seek PLSR's to help them address unusual or unexplained pains or body aches; an unusually strong fear of death, a certain place, person or certain objects; to understand the dynamics between them and another with whom they may have irrational conflicts with; to address the issue of not being able to get pregnant or heal a physical ailment; to better understand death and dying; to reconnect with loved ones who have passed on; to clear patterns and blocks that have resisted all previous guidence; and often simply out of curiosity or due to a strong interest in reincarnation and the spirit world.

What is the difference between a PLSR and a BLSR?


A Past Life Soul Regression is the way to go if you want to know more about a specific issue or a specific dynamic between you and another person you are close to.  A Between Life Soul Regression is the way to go if if you are asking about your life purpose or path, or if you have a variety of questions or concearns.  When you visit the spirit world in a BLSR, you may be guided to visit several different areas and you will be able to recieve a variety of answers about your current life concearns, and also how your soul is progressing through it's journey of many lifetimes.  Your may meet with your soul family or group during a BLSR and  this can give you a better perspective on several of the people dearest to you in your life.

Why did I not receive the information I was seeking?

In Past Life and Between Life regressions, our higher self, our soul or our guides determine what inforamtion is shown to us.  We do not always receive the information we seek, because we are being shown what they feel is most relevant for us at this point in time.  There may be things we need to clear out of our way, or hurts we need to heal before we can successfully address what we are desiring to.

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